NSA Whistleblower: US Has Created Nazi Germany Worldwide

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Tuesday, National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney not only compared the US surveillance program to Nazi Germany, according to Cassandra Fairbanks of We Are Change. The former high-ranking agency official also explained how most Americans have been brainwashed to accept dangerous surveillance state standards and dismiss people of goodwill, including targeted individuals attempting to raise awareness and halt the spiraling global Nazi state.

Anyone company or individual doing anything that challenges in any way the corrupt power is now secret, high-tech cannon fodder. The US holds enough information on every individual, it can retaliate with a highly sophisticated shadow organization, secretly operating at every level of society so efficiently, usually at first, the target simply thinks s/he is having a period of odd, bad luck. Only much later do targets realize they are being followed, on foot, in their vehicles and through cyber space. For other targets, the awareness of being on the hit list is easier. They are harassed, intimidated, have fatal “accidents” or are arrested under bogus charges or no charge – all “legal” according to post 9/11 US laws, almost identical to those of Nazi Germany, according to William Binney. A difference between now and then is that targets’ lives can be easily ruined in a torturous state in their own homes and communities, where they remain socially isolated – a state referred to by this author as a silent techno hell.

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Targets’ friends and families dismiss gang stalking and other claims and refuse to learn about the surveillance system, it being too sophisticated, extraordinary and secretive for the average American to comprehend. They therefore contribute to the crime, as Germans did, and are complicit, as Germans were.


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Binney had worked for the National Security Agency three decades. In 2002, with two other whistleblowers, he demanded that the US Department of Defense investigate the NSA for wasting “millions and millions of dollars” on a program called “Trailblazer,” designed to analyze data on the internet.

Binney has been openly critical about the domestic surveillance program brought to light by Edward Snowden.

“They [the NSA] don’t care what they do, they feel that they have the right to do anything that they feel necessary, and they will cover up crimes and procedures and violations of regulations that they’ve done to achieve whatever their ends are,” Binney told Loud & Clear host Brian Becker on Radio Sputnik.

Binney had created a software program called ThinThread that monitored terror suspects, while safeguarding privacy of Americans. He alleges the agency took his software and corrupted it, violating the Constitution.

“They used our software and corrupted it and turned it against the people of the United States,” he stated. “That was fundamentally a violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments of the Constitution. So they were scrapping the Constitution, they were doing this all in secret.”

Proponents of the controversial surveillance program insist that it is justified to keep Americans safe from terrorism. Binney, however, disagrees.

“The president can declare anyone a terrorist threat and have the military take them off the street, anywhere, and incarcerate them indefinitely without any due process. Those are violations of fundamental rights of the Constitution,” he explained.

“That’s exactly what Special Order 48 issued by the Nazis in 1933 did, right after the Reichstag fire. It says almost exactly the same thing.”

Tip of the Iceberg

Binney had warned in 2013, “National Security Agency’s collection of phone data from all of Verizon’s U.S.. customers is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.”

Binney, also an award-winning mathematician, stated then that collecting phone calls and emails dated back to when the super-secret agency began domestic surveillance after the Sept. 11 attacks and the Official 911 Commission faked its report under orders of Pres. George Bush.

An overarching problem is that the average American remains in denial about implications of the government and its new Cointelpro foot soldiers knowing the reader’s every conversation, the reality that every statement could be used to the detriment of the speaker.

In 2012, Binney exposed Obama’s dirty dark secrets, including government spies working in communities.  As Russia Today host stated back then, Americans are not complaining about being spied on, losing all privacy rights.


Binney expressed concern on Tuesday that the US government has power to use what they obtain through the NSA as a power play against foreign governments, private businesses and individuals against the Nazi system status quo. The power exists to “intimidate and manipulate” anyone, as hundreds of thousands of innocent targeted individuals in the US and multiples more globally endure daily, many contacting this author pleading for help.

“It’s not just inside the US, it’s worldwide. [The NSA] gives them power and evidence to use to intimidate and manipulate members of parliament in any government in the world. Any commercial company that’s doing things [the US] doesn’t want to happen, they’ve got data on them to.”

“It gives them a great deal of power. Knowledge is power.”

Such power over targeted individuals ruins their lives. Of utmost concern is that most Americans have failed to access an equal amount of knowledge of just how lethal the surveillance state is. The sooner it is accepted that the ultimate aim of the 9/11 attack on Americans was for justification to further the Nazi agenda nationwide and globally, the sooner all of humanity can experience their right to privacy and all of their other fundamental human rights.

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