While You Weren’t Looking – Senate Votes to REQUIRE Women to Register for the DRAFT!

ATTENTION MOTHERS & FATHERS,  While You Weren’t Looking – Senate Votes to REQUIRE Women – YOUR DAUGHTERS to Register for the DRAFT! ———————– BY:  WITW STAFF | 06.14.16 The United States Senate voted to pass a defense bill today that would require young women to sign up for a potential military draft for the first time […]

Cilantro and Chlorella can Remove 80% of Heavy Metals from the Body within 42 Days

Here are some more detox ideas as I promised!  In the following article you will find great tips for detoxing your body from the heavy metal poison that is being sprayed on us on a daily bases now.  Remember, they are doing this to make us sick and weak so they can take our country […]

Gently detox with 4 superfoods to remove toxins from chem trails, heavy metals, noxious chemicals, pesticides, drugs, GMO by-products

Below is another great article on steps you can take to detox your body from the effects of the heavy metals from geoengineering.  Heavy metal Toxicity is a rapidly growing problem.  I hope this helps in your quest to stay healthy while fighting the demons that are poisoning us. Be Blessed,  pj~ ————————————- (NaturalNews)  Detoxing […]