DNC REVOLT! NO ONE THERE- Half EMPTY Convention Center!

The state of the Democratic party is clear if your paying attention!  Hillary doesn’t want you to know, but half of the convention center at the DNC was EMPTY when she spoke!  America knows she is in charge (along with others) of the planets BIGGEST CRIME SYNDACATE and WE the people have had ENOUGH! Outside […]

Newspaper Clipping from Oct 13, 1975

..If we get stuck with H. Clinton, Common Core will continue to implement their agenda…..letting your kids know LGBT is ok…..Sexuality training…..your not a boy or a girl, Vaccines Mandatory like what’s happening in CA…..they even want to teach classes to us Parents because we can’t understand the Math that is being taught, so we […]

‘Geoengineering’ is a Threat to National Security

By Gretchen Thomas Northwood To the Editor: There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s a whole industry many people have never heard of – geoengineering, also known as climate engineering. Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). […]

Can It Get Any Worse In Fresno California?

Fresno California is an EPIC FAIL! I have lived in the Central Valley of California, Fresno for 11 years.  I moved here for a business opportunity that was very fruitful until Obama took over the country.  Since my arrival I have witnessed the fall of Fresno. Homelessness is now off the charts.  I watch the […]


A BIG Hug & Thank You to my friend and fellow Geoengineering Activist Suzanne Maher for all that she does for Humanity & Mother Earth.  Help Support her work over at www.ByeByeBlueSky.com and her continued success in spreading the truth about the dangers of Geoengineering.  She has been able to erect many Billboards in Canada […]

8 Signs You Should Drink Turmeric The GOLDEN Milk For Better Health

Turmeric milk – also called golden milk or haldi ka doodh in its native India, is a beverage that has been drunk for its health benefits for thousands of years all over southeast Asia. Fortunately, people in the West are now beginning to discover this amazing drink that is not only delicious but can help […]