THE WAR ON MEDIA BEGINS: Trump Needs Every American’s Help!

This article is Dedicated to and in Appreciation of ALL those in todays Independent Media!

It is because of your tireless work and dedication that the main stream lying media is FAILING!  If there was every a time to ‘sharpen your swords’ and prepare to replace them NOW IS THE TIME!  There are so many of you that I follow, share your articles and work with out there.  HATS OFF TO YOU ALL!   Now, with that said….. We ALL Must Work as Diligently and Tirelessly as possible.  Now is the time to unite and show the world WE can be Trusted to carry the media sword forward and ALWAYS TELL THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH!

Be Blessed in your journey!  pj~

“I am NOT running against Crooked Hillary Clinton, I’m running Against the CROOKED MEDIA”!  Donald Trump~

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