With the current state of our planet I think it’s wise to start talking about preparing for the ‘unkown’ emergency situation. We could face any of the following at any minute with the unstable crazy yahoos we have in charge of OUR planet.  Zika, dollar collapse, nuclear war, biological & chemical attack, heck at this point we may end up fighting ISIS in our front yards!  What should we have ready in case of a real emergency situation?  If your an older women like myself, what should we be preparing?   For these reasons and a million zillion more I will be sourcing and writing about preparing!  My ‘Brother G.I. JIM has a great blog and I encourage you to follow him. For those of you short on time I will be sharing his work on PJFL!  Remember, the GOVERNMENT is prepared for ALL disaters, natural & man-made shouldn’t we be too?                                                         Step #1. DON’T FORGET THE MATCHES!

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By: Jim Long | G.I. JIM’S

This is an oversight that is very common with the survivalist………….

Matches….. I am talking strike anywhere matches.  I am also talking about matches that you get when you go into any convenience store.  Usually, they will give them to you for free.  I am talking about the matches that you find in the military Meals Ready to Eat… (MRE)


Jim Long – Owner G.I. JIM’S Military Surplus 
I don’t care how you get them, they are usually given away for free.  Bars, hotels, restaurants all use them as a perk.  Get as many as you can.

I am talking a six LIFETIME supply……….. Why?

Because you will have a HUGE source of barter….

Many people will trade anything…….. For matches.


Jim Long – Owner G.I. JIM’S Military Surplus & One Badass Dude!

Love You Brother!

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Just in Case!!



2 thoughts on “DON’T FORGET THE MATCHES!” 2 thoughts on “DON’T FORGET THE MATCHES!”

  1. Never thought about stockpiling matches. Definitely going to be a huge commodity after shtf.. Everyone will need fire.

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