Is the DHS preparing for a nuclear event?

I launched this website as a  ‘Weapon of Truth’ against the insane New World Order Baboons that think they have the final say in who lives and who dies on this planet.  Unfortunately they have all the weapons and all the money but….. WE have the POWER of the Written & Spoken Word, hence

These insane maniacs need to be EXPOSED before they blow up the planet and all life on her.  NO Human in their right mind would support the destructive weapons that these yahoos now have in their control.  Ie: Harrp, CERN, Nuclear Bombs, Weaponized Weather, Lightning & Earthquakes.  Geezzz, the list of weapons of mass destruction is scary long.  There has to be something so huge that they are hiding that it’s worth them ending all life on planet earth.  Personally I believe they are Satan’s Army, a group of demonic satan worshiping pond scum that are hell bent on destroying all that GOD Created!  I won’t sit idly by and not fight them by using my own weapon….. MY WORDS, both spoken and written.  (no matter how bad my spelling & typing can be)

I am all so of the opinion that they are HIDING something HUGE…..MORE LAND!  Think about that, let it soak into your brains.  All this madness has to be beyond just egotistical Power and Money.  There is something so BIG at the bottom of the rabbit hole and I think it’s more LAND that was Created by GOD and being hidden from us by ‘them’!   Call me nuts, crazy or insane, your slave talk won’t offend me nor change my path to find the truth. ? WHAT IF I AM RIGHT?  What if there is MORE LAND beyond the continents we know about?  To destroy these continents we live on in order to hide the ‘other continents’ would make perfect sense.  Our’s are all polluted anyways because of ‘them’ and I am sure if there is more land, it’s pristine and CLEAN!  Open your minds and allow all options to rattle around in your heads awhile, it doesn’t hurt to THINK about the possibilities.

Be Blessed ~pj


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DHS has order around 20 million wearable nuclear detection units. This is interesting because we know ISIS has made threats of using dirty bombs and also we had Guccifer come out and say after he hacked several elite’s emails that they were preparing to nuke two major cities in the U.S.


Germany Tells Citizens To Stockpile Food And Water In Case Of Islamist Terror Attacks

NOW FINLAND TOO! Local Councils Warning Citizens “Stockpile Food & Water – Prepare” as US TANKS go on the move!

REPORT: CZECH GOVERNMENT TELLS CITIZENS TO ‘PREPARE FOR THE WORST’ – Warning follows German advisory for citizens to stockpile enough food and water for 10 days

Meanwhile in America….. We get NO WARNINGS!  But……YOU MUST get a PERMIT from the government to fix your homes that are destroyed by natural disasters!  Read more here  as well as obtain a PERMIT to HELP your neighbors after a disaster. WTF? Read more here

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3 thoughts on “Is the DHS preparing for a nuclear event?” 3 thoughts on “Is the DHS preparing for a nuclear event?”

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