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Let me first say Thank You for stopping by our new blog!  It’s still under creative construction so bear with us as we finalize our vision.  In the interim I wanted to talk about My Body My Decisions.

The governments on this planet seem to have lost their minds and feel the urge to dictate what we the people can and can not do with our own bodies.  I for one have had enough and want them to know I am a free living being on this planet and therefor will not even begin to entertain the idea that they have some kind of control of me.

Passing their bogus laws that make you a criminal, an OUTLAW for using the planets gifts that God gave to us and that grows free on mother earth is beyond ludicrous, it’s immoral!  I am living testimony to the miracles of the cannabis plant and I wish to thank god for it.  It has kept me alive and able to function in my world of constant pain.  Had I not discovered all it’s power I believe I wouldn’t be here today to write this blog.

To those of you who are suffering from so many man-made diseases, I encourage you to put aside your fear and try this miracle plant that is provided to us by God!  Let NO man tell you what you can and can not put into or on your body, it was put here by God to enhance your life.  Do not let some baboon sitting behind a desk with a stinking little title deny you what is rightfully yours, Your Free Will to chose what you feel is best for your own body!  be blessed and enjoy the following article by Endoca News!  ~pj  the outlaw lady


Vancouver parents are using low THC high CBD cannabis oil to dose their children. Find out what they are saying and why their doctors advise extreme caution.

Cannabis oil

Vancouver parents treat autistic and epileptic kids with cannabis oil

According to Vancouver Sun, local parents are experiencing success in treating their autistic or elliptic children with Cannabis oil. High CBD oil with very little THC is preferred since it does not make children ‘stoned’ says the report which focuses on the story of Ella Turkington, a five-year-old child who suffers from both conditions.

In an interview with Ella’s parents, the reporter noted that the child is cheerful, asking her family to sing so that she can dance for them. But her parents say that a year ago, the child would have slept for most of the day and then when she was awake she would be ‘groggy’ and ‘depressed’ as a result of the medications that were being used to control her seizures.

Medications should not be discontinued

Ella’s parents still give their daughter anti-epilepsy medications, but they say that her condition has improved markedly since they began dosing her twice a day with CBD oil. She has less frequent seizures, they say, and she is more alert. As a result her learning ability has improved.

The family of toddler Kyla Williams uses no medications and CBD oil only, but they warn that cannabis oil is not necessarily a ‘miracle cure’ and that caution should be exercised.

Report says parents recommend Charlotte’s Web

The parents of these children struggle to obtain Charlotte’s Web-based cannabis oil. This specific variety is one of those that yields high CBD oil, containing a ratio of 28:1 CBD vs THC. In seeking this ‘gold standard’ many parents have been taken in by unprofessional dispensaries that supply cannabis oil with a significant THC content.

Concerned parents have formed a support network, sharing their experience with various medical cannabis oils and helping each other to determine the ‘right’ dose. Elaine Nuesslar, a grandmother, says she has been advocating the use of medicinal cannabis oil for a long time. She has held several seminars on the subject and says that interest from parents extends to the possible use of cannabis oil for a wide range of chronic ailments.

“I could give her a joint but not CBD oil”

Ella’s dad says that in Canada, he could have obtained high THC herbal pot for his daughter, but couldn’t legally get hold of CBD oil until a short while ago. Fortunately, this has changed, and as people begin to understand the difference between psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis compounds, parents have become more willing to speak out about their experiences.

Neurologist says epilepsy medications often fail

A neurologist at B.B. Children’s hospital told Vancouver Sun reporters that epilepsy drugs often fail. In Ella’s case, seven medications proved ineffective before the family decided to try CBD oil, she says.

Although the doctor does not herself prescribe cannabis, she has agreed to monitor the condition of children whose parents have decided to take this step. She observes that Ella’s condition is improving, but that she does not feel entirely comfortable with choosing a treatment based on anecdotal evidence. Other members of the medical community agree, and warn against attempting to concoct home remedies using cannabis.Cannabis oil

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