As much as I hate to say it, I have speculated for years that this sick satanic behavior has been going on.  #PIZZAGATE Must be investigated and dealt with accordingly.  We, as a society can NOT and MUST NOT, ALLOW SUCH DEMONIC BEVHAVIOR!         We MUST Protect Our Children!  Please pray for justice and protection of our children. Demand an Investigation!  be blessed  ~pj

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”     – Voltaire


Some may have noticed the hashtag #Pizzagate around the Internet lately and aren’t sure what it’s all about. So, what is #Pizzagate? In the post that follows, I will summarize what #Pizzagate is, what’s been found so far, and whether or not you should be paying closer attention.

First off, forgive the length — quite a bit of context and explanation is required to do an explanation of the “#Pizzagate” phenomenon justice. Also, a disclaimer: In addition to being difficult to digest, much of the research into #Pizzagate is being conducted by web sleuths who supported Donald Trump for president. I only mention that because those with anti-Trump sentiments seem especially at risk for a knee-jerk rejection of the theories involved. However, keep in consideration that information gleaned by someone with a pro-Trump viewpoint does not necessarily invailidate the significance of the facts and connections uncovered. Forget their voting habits and other assumptions you may have about them for a moment, and just consider the following with an open mind so you’re equipped to judge it on its own merits.

Now, some necessary background.

As you likely know, Wikileaks published emails that were hacked from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, along with a huge series of email dumps from her campaign chairman John Podesta’s account. Podesta isn’t just a Clinton campaign chairman, he’s a long-time political operative rated as one of Washington’s most influential people.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the contents from emails associated with the two leaks are mundane. But web sleuths on Reddit and 4Chan, two discussion board websites, found something strange buried within the email dumps: nonsensical references to pizza.

For a bit of context, Reddit is more “mainstream,” so to speak, while 4Chan is rather infamous for its reputation for being a stronghold for, among other things, the sharing of depraved and illegal content.

Further digging into the emails found similarly strange references to pasta, along with some other words peppered strangely into nonsense sentence constructions. Regardless of what they actually mean, the only explanation that makes logical sense to anyone who has read the messages in question is this: they’re speaking in code. About what, we can’t be certain. But read the messages in question below to see for yourself:

In perhaps the strangest of the emails suspected of containing codewords, Podesta and another party are discussing a “handkerchief” he left at a house rented for a private event of some kind:

Re: Did you leave a handkerchief

The next post shows a couple of workers looking down a sizeable hole in the floor, assumedly somewhere in Comet Ping Pong. If this is true then the work was done illegally and off the record, as records indicate Alefantis never filed for a construction permit for any work on the restaurant.comethole


And then the following oddity, showing what appears to be a trio of adolescents, one female and two male, kneeling in esoteric garb and masks. Ignore the last commenter, who is a troll who took it upon themselves to post accusatory messages in response to the #Pizzagate allegations:


The next post is a close-up of a baby, with Alefantis commenting “#hotard,” a slang term meaning a girl, or “ho,” who is retarded and slutty. Given the fact that the image shows an infant, at best, this seems extremely inappropriate.

pizzagate hotard

Numerous other posts contain inexplicable references to children and explicit sex.

Pedophile Symbols and “Artistic” References

Next door to Comet Ping Pong is another pizza joint called Besta Pizza. And the Besta Pizza logo, which was quietly changed after the research began, is extremely similar to known symbols used in underground pedophilia communities. See the FBI’s listing of pedophile symbols on the left, from an unclassified FBI document. On the right are both Besta Pizza logos, including the new version that appeared after the #Pizzagate research began:



At Comet Ping Pong, researchers noted similarities with symbols on the menu as well (although this reporter found the Comet Ping Pong logo’s resemblance far less compelling):


However, in a decidedly creepy artistic performance at Comet Ping Pong, an audience member can be seen with a ring with a strong resemblance to the “Little Boy Lover” symbol:


So what was the creepy artistic performance in the video? We’re not sure what the meaning of it was, but references to pedophilia have been uncovered in Comet Ping Pong’s musical regulars’ acts. Sex references are no rarity in music these days, but most would agree that pedophilia references takes it to an entirely different level. And with names like “Sex Stains” and “Heavy Breathing,” Comet Ping Pong clearly carries an odd affinity for featuring artistic performers that favor dark and disturbing themes, especially for a kid-friendly pizza and ping pong joint. In an official music video for Sex Stains, a prominently-displayed symbol closely resembles the pedohpilia symbol for “Boy Lover:”


One song by Heavy Breathing, the lead singer of which calls herself “Majestic Ape,” even includes lyrics referencing orphans:

“My recurring role is puppet in the broadway smash Orphans in Assholes.”

(Note: Heavy Breathing has responded to the #Pizzagate investigation here.)

Indeed, orphans are a common target for sex traffickers, and are a focus of much of the work being done by the Clinton Foundation in the third world.

The following video of a performance at Comet Ping Pong isn’t very good, but it’s hard to find any others, as many videos have been set to “private” after the investigation began. Third-party uploaders have almost universally had their own versions removed and their accounts shut down soon after uploading. It shows “Majestic Ape” doing some kind of monologue. As part of the monologue, she says “Jerry is known to hang out down here. He likes (inaudible), tamales–”

After which point an audience member yells out, “And little boys!”

And another says, “And children!”

Majestic Ape replies, “I think that was his manager.”

Audience member: “Noo.”

Majestic Ape: (Laughs) “We all have preferences!” (Laughs)

It isn’t clear who “Jerry” is from the video. But a more complete version, without the commentary, can be found below. This one shows some of the strange art on the walls of Comet Ping Pong, which depicts adults with their hands around the throat of a female child:

We previously reported that Comet Ping Pong had a seemingly suspicious “protected” area of its website with an array of password-protected zip files, as shown below:


However, one of the researchers has debunked the claim that this is suspicious, as can be seen in this discussion. This development shows that confirmation bias has not taken over the research — participants are narrowing down aspects that are do seem geniuinely suspicious or remarkable by discovering that some of the discoveries, after all, are not. In other words, they are fact-checking themselves as they learn and uncover more.

Onto more pedophilia symbols. Just down the street from Comet Ping Pong is a bistro and art gallery where researchers found pedophile symbols as well, along with boastful associations with Hillary Clinton:


Next door to Terasol are offices for Beyond Borders, a charity funded by the Clinton Foundation focusing on ending child exploitation in Haiti — the same country where Hillary Clinton inexplicably swept in to get accused child trafficker Laura Silsby off the hook.

The Epstein Connection

Now to discuss another known pedophile with major Clinton connections: Jeffrey Epstein. According to Epstein himself, he was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Epstein was accused not only of having underage sex slaves, but of being part of an extensive underage sex slave ring, and was convicted of sex crimes involving minors (albeit with the most severe charges dropped, and extremely minor legal consequences as a result). The court case revealed accusers who claimed they were forced to have sex with everyone from politicans and businessmen to royalty and academics.

Court papers also claim Epstein’s mansion is outfitted with hidden cameras in order to capture people of power engaging in sex with minors for purposes of blackmail, and his “little black book” seized by authorities contains big-wig names from Tony Blair and Prince Andrew to Michael Bloomberg and even Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman. A highly secretive investor, the precise source of Epstein’s vast riches is a mystery.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have taken trips on board Epstein’s private plane, dubbed by the press as the “Lolita Express,” at different times — both to Epstein’s private island and to other locations around the world. In a rare rebuke to the 24/7 security provided to former presidents, Bill Clinton had the Secret Service stay behind for each of these forays. In addition, thanks to a whistleblower, we know that Epstein sent Bill Clinton $3.5 million from a Swiss bank account. For what, one can only imagine.

(Note: Donald Trump has a documented relationship with Epstein as well, lasting up until Epstein’s legal trouble, with one confirmed ride on one of Epstein’s private jets. He is not documented to have visited any of Epstein’s private islands. Bill Clinton claimed to have disavowed Epstein after the legal trouble, but the $3.5 million bank transfer occurred after Epstein’s conviction.)

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of notorious news tycoon Robert Maxwell, is alleged to have been Epstein’s central “Madam,” obtaining underage girls for him and his cohorts to abuse. She is also alleged by one of the teenaged victims to have taken photographs of underaged girls, which were posted around Epstein’s property. The court case painted her as Epstein’s “right hand woman,” central to Epstein’s alleged pedophilia sex ring. Here she is pictured at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding:


Another frequent flier on the “Lolita Express” is a mysterious young socialite girl named Rachel Chandler. Here she is pictured with Bill Clinton as a teenager:


Chandler’s Tumblr account uses CSS to hide what other accounts were sharing her content and vice-versa, but since this trick doesn’t work on mobile phones, #Pizzagate researchers were able to find other accounts that frequently share her content. These accounts are consistently macabre. They’re filled with images of BDSM, injuries associated with sadistic sex practices, prescription drugs, images of children in severe distress and/or states of injury, weapons, sexual imagery, and occult symbols.

It also contains many images of children recieving dental work, which is beyond bizarre — but seems to somehow connect to Epstein, whose Florida mansion was found to contain not only child’s toys and explicit images of children, but fully functioning professional-grade dental chairs and equipmentduring a police raid.

A few examples (out of many dozens) of strange images Rachel and her network of sharers have posted, with images of children modified for privacy (Warning: disturbing):



Someone Fights Back

I’ve mentioned a few cases above where Comet Ping Pong-related YouTube and Instagram accounts were set to private, and Reddit threads relating to the investigation were aggressively scrubbed. In addition, people associated with Comet Ping Pong began removing references to their employment there in their LinkedIn profiles.

Perhaps most interstingly, however, a DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) attack was launched on 4Chan immediately after the Alefantis Instagram account led researchers to a guy name Arun Rao. DDoS attacks prevent users from accessing websites by overwhelming the servers. #Pizzagate researchers found he was “liking” all of the posts that featured young children, so they looked at his Instagram as well.

As soon as 4Chan users began investigating Rao, 4Chan.org began displaying all the signs of a website under DDoS attack. The likelihood of such an attack being unrelated to developments in the investigation is close to zero. So who is fighting back, and what are they trying to bury? Other than being an attorney with the Department of Justice — sometimes involved in prosecuting child pornography cases — there isn’t much to be found on him. Predictably, his Instagram has since been set to private as well. Given the DDoS attacks’ timing with the discovery of his Instagram, he may be worth investigating further.

Is interference with the #Pizzagate research evidence that there’s something to the claims? It’s worth mentioning that if the evidence was not truly incriminating, leaving it up would only discredit the investigators by revealing them as paranoid, tinfoil hat-wearing loons, and that scrubbing evidence (as has happened) would only increase suspicion. However, it is feasible that even an innocent party would scrub the supposed evidence to minimize  inevitable abuse and threats from trolls drawing their own conclusions from the research.

But the DDoS attacks indicate bona fide attempts to shut down the research, indicating there really is something contained there to hide. Add in threads being deleted or archived overnight, social media accounts being shut down or set to private, videos being deleted from Youtube, LinkedIn pages being scrubbed or modified, and logos being changed in ways that seem to directly correspond to progress with the research, and one can only conclude that taken together, these all seem incredibly unlikely to be the result of innocent parties hiding from an unfair Internet witch hunt.

Reasonable Conclusions

The Clintons and Podestas have quite the number of pedophilia-connected people in their close network. I have one – a now-deceased scoutmaster from childhood who was discovered to have been raping boys. As an adult, I am aware of no one else involved in pedophilia or occult practices. I assume that goes for most readers of this as well. Double the size of my network, and I suspect that the number would still be extremely low. Somehow, the Clintons have managed an extensive network of extremely close associates linked to or even convicted of pedophilia, sex slavery, occult practices, or all three.

You often hear the argument that secrets involving this many people would be impossible to hide. If the allegations are even 50% true, however, sustaining total secrecy is actually quite plausible given that the outlandish, almost cliché nature of the allegations makes them difficult to believe even in the presence of compelling evidence. Also, more importantly, the players involved would have the ability to use blackmail to swiftly destroy anyone who stepped out of line. This point is supported by reports that Jeffrey Epstein had hidden cameras in his home meant for exactly this purpose.

But perhaps most important is this: So far I’ve only recounted a chunk of the #Pizzagate connections and coincidences involving pedophilia and child trafficking; you’ll find if you check out the research for yourself that vastly more have been discovered than what has been summarized here. Even if the coincidences are this utterly bizarre, or hard to definitively connect, when the sheer number of them defies statistical probability, we have an obligation to at least dig a little deeper to see if clearer conclusions can be gleaned — especially when there are children involved.

Has enough been discovered to draw a definitive, fully objective conclusion? To press charges? Absolutely not. But for moment, imagine discovering that a co-worker or a mutual friend had a similarly vast web of unlikely coincidences connecting , even vaguely, with pedophilia or child trafficking. Would you talk to someone? Would you feel mildly concerned for children they come in contact with, and perhaps watch that person more carefully around them? My guess is that you would, and even though a concrete conclusion can’t be made, I think the same attitude of careful suspicion and ongoing investigation is well-warranted in the case of #Pizzagate.

If the old adage holds true that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” there seems to be a whole lot of smoke here. A smoke cloud so thick, in fact, that the discovery of fire doesn’t feel too far off.

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