THANK YOU to My Youtube Subs! “10,000” SOLDIERS FOR TRUTH!

By Pam Jones | Nov 29, 2016

I started my youtube channel as another avenue to spread TRUTH.  I had hoped that I could help connect the dots of tyranny by holding the pieces to the puzzel in one spot. As with all the other things I do to get the TRUTH out to the planet, I never really expected anyone to pay attention but boy was I wrong. This channel has EXPLODED!

 The Planet is awakening to the pure evil that lies behind the curtain that rules this entire planet. As the awakening grows so does all the views to all my different activism efforts. As a senior citizen, a mom & grandma I REFUSE TO BE SILENT to the EVIL NWO!

Thank you ALL for your support of my efforts and all the support you have shown to all the video producers featured here on my channel. I Salute Each and everyone of them and YOU!  Let our efforts finally END the planetary Tyranny that we live under and may GOD BLESS OUR FAMILIES & THIER FAMILIES once and for all with Love & Peace.
I am only an old grandma but my Fight is real….. it is to STOP the NWO one world government bullshit!

God Bless each and everyone of you who stand beside me and everyone else in this fight.  Though many do not understand our mission, stand firm and stand tall you are all warrior angels of God!
be blessed ~pam jones                                                                               Geoengineering Action Network                                                                           California Sky Watchers

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