Forced Censorship & Your Rights Be Damned: A Liberal Coup In America

Censorship & Your Rights Be Damned By: Roger Landry (TLB) The attack is on with a full court press against alternative or independent (of the elite oligarchs) media. Censorship via Liberal organizations is now becoming reality on such forums as Facebook and Twitter, who will now decide what is real news, and remove any news […]

#WEATHERMANIPULATION “Rare ‘fog dome’ forms above north Wales!”

 Hannah Blandford, 33, was with her pet in the village of Tremeirchion when she came across the spectacle Rare ‘fog dome’ forms above north Wales as temperatures plummet to -4C on the coldest weekend of the season. MUST SEE FOG WATERFALL Cold weather alerts have been issued for much of the country as forecasters expect […]