Happy New Years Fellow Geoengineering Activists!

Hello Fellow Geoengineering Activist and Happy New Years!

As many of you probably know our planet is being hammered with the spraying of heavy metals and other highly toxic chemicals all in an effort to ‘cool the planet’, or so they say even though they claim they are NOT doing it.  It’s heart breaking seeing this happen and watching everyone around you fall sick and die.  We all know we have a planetary elite in charge that appear to be some kind of sick perverted subhuman pedophile death cult.  And while many many of us spend our days and nights spreading awareness, educating our brains and taking any and all action we can to stop this madness, the spraying appears to be getting worse.

It can become overwhelming and down right maddening leaving us feeling hopeless beyond words, but I wanted to take a few minutes to pick us all up by pointing out ALL THE VICTORIES WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED so I put together this little video with the help of a dear friend & activist up in Canada, Suzanne Maher!

There’s no doubt WE have made a impact and are seeing the results of all our efforts as the planets people begin to LOOK UP & WAKE UP to this unbelievable act of global tyranny and GENOCIDE!

So, Let’s take a moment to CELEBRATE all the accomplishments WE have made in 2016 and all OUR prior accomplishments!  Let us come together as a united front and use every resource at our disposal and make 2017 the year that the elites plans to murder the planet FALLS APART FOR GOOD!

God Bless each and everyone of you who are taking action or have supported and donated to those who are.  Without the mass action of all Geoengineering Activists our planet and humanity as a whole would not stand a chance but TOGETHER WE CAN WILL STOP GEOENGINEERING and the maniac that call themselves the global elites. I prefer to describe them in a few different words but will refrain from using profanity today!

As always, Be Blessed  The Outlaw Lady…… ~Pam Jones     www.TheOutlawLadys.com

ps.  email your event info photos to pamjonesforliberty@gmail and I will include your accomplishments in my next video!

Click here to Enjoy the following article from Suzanne Maher of ByeByeBlueSky.com!

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