Hug an Activist!

Every once in awhile an activist is shown appreciation,  It happens so rarely that when it does it’s profound, It’s for this reason I decided to share the following post that was put on my facebook page with you!  THANK YOU CARLA for being so kind with your words, the world needs more like you.  God bless all the activists who fight so hard to spread the truth.  ~Pam Jones

By Carla Flores | The Outlaw Ladys | January 6, 2017

A Tribute to my sister in life and my sunshine Pam Jones..i love you and thank you!

The general population walks through life like robots. Completing their societal obligations of work, taxes, faith beliefs, socializing, public relations, families, etc with no for thought about the world as a whole. People have tunnel vision and only work to reach their personal own goals. Matters of the world dont usually impact people till it hits their front door.

But in the background…there are Activists! People who have taken on a cause or causes with passion. They fight for YOU!!! They are the ones who create CHANGE! They are the ones who take action. They are the ones who will spend hours and hours of their free time to fight for YOU! Fighting by standing up, speaking out, using social media tools, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, whatever source to get the truth out there. They are the ones getting thrown in facebook jail by censoring the truth. They are the ones who spend hours researching information. Information that may land in a 9 minute video but took hours to create. Why??? To share the truth with YOU!!! So HUG an Activist today and say THANK YOU!

Just know!!!!! What you do in your free time seems to feel like you have a target on your back. The most unappreciated and aggravating battle, that is not for yourself but for humanity. Everyone has an opinoin and has to make sure you know it! That no matter how many hours you have spent blasting social media with real news to save souls will go unappreciated. Just know in the darkness stands many heroes..other Activists who GET IT!!! Who are the light at the end of the tunnel. Know I KNOW! I love you..respect you…trust you with my life and possessions…miss you…appreciate all you do. I appreciate all the hours you spend to make a small 9 minute video….to reaearch…to post….to share!! THANK YOU Pam Jones for being you because #activismisajobbychoicenotforce    ~Carla Flores | The Outlaw Lady



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