Are they using Steam from Power Plants to help Create MONSTER STORMS? Weather Warfare? You be the judge.

May 7, 2017 | Pam Jones

As many of you know I am AGAINST the disappearance of our once beautiful blue sky’s.  I am all about questioning where it has gone and why it is GONE, What have they done to it?  Is it a eugenics program? Is it Airplane Pollution? Has something been added to airplane fuel? Is it for military communications? Is it to terra-forming the planet for another species?  It is to control the weather?  Is it for weather weapon purposes?  I know many who are working hard to bring forth these answers, I am the messenger that is here to get you and others to start asking these questions!  Something is going on, and if you want to know how I know then bend your heads at the neck level….. and LOOK UP AT YOUR SKY!   be blessed ~pam jones

#GEOENGINEERING OUR WEATHER The Biggest Cover Up on Planet

Results from 5/3/17 MONSTER STORM – Missouri

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