My First MEGA Detox Bath had Live Parasites!

So, NO ONE is probably attracted to my title yet I bet many of you are real curious what I am talking about. Live Parasites in a detox bath? Yes!  I did a 15 minute bath and got out when I noticed several live little critters in my bath water. I was and still am completely grossed out! Your probably wondering why I am detoxing and some may be curious what brought me to this point and how I intend to heal myself, so I am going to try and blog as often as possible to take you with me on this journey. But for today I just want to let you know why I am detoxing.

I have been very ill multiple times over the last 10 years. Again, about 6-7 weeks ago I was hit with a fatigue that was so bad I literally could not and still can’t get out of bed. I’m sleeping 15 – 20 per day and have NO energy to just provide myself the basic care I need to survive. I told my youngest daughter who has been by my side through all these strange illnesses, I’m dying again so we decided we needed the medical mafia’s help to determine what I was up against this time. She scheduled me an appointment and blood work was drawn to check my thyroid. All these years and no one has ever checked my thyroid, yet with each illness many of my symptoms were the same. A follow up appointment was set for 4 weeks out and it was back to the waiting game. A week passed when I received a call on friday from the doctors office requesting I come in asap and an appointment was made for that Monday. Talk about a long weekend of worry. Well, at Mondays appointment I got a diagnosis that my thyroid had shut down and that the results should not have been over a 4 and mine were 108, diagnosis ‘hypothyroidism’!

The doctor said this explained my symptoms and wrote me a prescription on medication. One pill a day for life! YEAP, for life! When I asked what caused this I got the same answer as all the other times, we just don’t know, there are many factors but if you take this magic pill and come see us every couple months for blood work you will begin to feel better.

I posted on my facebook about this and the comments started to roll in, do this, do that, on and on they went but not one person could tell me what they had done to repair their thyroid medication free. One i=side effect of my severe thyroid problem is brain fog, severe confusion, headaches and blurry eye site, all of which I still have, hence my inability to write this blog but I am really trying hard as I now see that this ‘thyroid’ thing is an EPIDEMIC! WHY is this happening, how can we best treat it naturally? I will not be a slave to the medical mafia and I surely do not want to take a pill a day for life which I know will be causing some other disastrous illnesses to rear their ugly head down the road, then today I read the following post from a facebook follower that really put me over the edge. Here is his post followed by my comment:

By Taylor Buchanan 6/14/17
“I’ll say something many chronically ill people don’t talk about too much. Being ill all the time just eats away at your soul. The basic functions of my body are so poor, I can’t even sleep well, or eat well, or use the restroom well. Getting in the shower looks like climbing a mountain on many days. I have all the time in the world but my body just can’t function properly. It’s hell. Praying and hoping that some day I will be freed from this hell. Much love and compassion to anyone else out there dealing with ever worsening health issues with no end in sight. Life is not meant to be lived this way.”

“Over and over I am seeing this in my feed. EVERYONE IS FALLING ILL! Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide Stones come to mind. As you all know I can’t even get out of bed I’m so sick and weak. I started more treatments yesterday. I’ll be damn if I’ll let these MF kill me off, I won’t miss this final battle that will finally end these demons rule on earth. I’ve fought to hard for to long to miss the opportunity for the last stand! No guns will be needed just Gods Warriors. Please continue to pray for me and others as that’s really the best medicine we have.

Plan of attack: taking dr’s meds temporarily to regain strength quicker then dropping them. Jillian Mai Thi fermented cabbage elixir for detox and full body cellular repair and parasite killing, vitamins b12, Iodine, selenium, magnesium, D3, diatomaceous earth, multi-vitamin, a little iron, picking up some A & K. Probiotics 3x a day, enzymes for digestion. Food will consist of slightly cooked vegetables in coconut oil, fruit , bone broth and organic meats. No gluten or dairy. I’m increasing bath detox soaks to every other day: 1/4 cup Epson salt, 1/4 cup sea salt & 1/4 borax with essential oils to soak in hot water 30 min or so. Distilled water 💦 to drink only. No lotions or chemicals, using organic coconut oil as moisturizer.

Our immune systems are under attack! Slowly these attacks destroy our organs and shut them down. It’s a slow painful death and I’m not participating! I have had so many strange illnesses over the last 10 years. Dr’s answers is ALWAYS we don’t know what causes it, well FUCK YOU! You medical Mafia murderers! Each have been so debilitating and have take over a year to recover from. NOT one PILL from the dr has ever cured me just made me sicker and made ANOTHER PROBLEM! Now I’m PISSED! There’s a war on against our health’s, their goal to weaken us to the point we can’t fight when they come for us. Well I have a message for these evil NWO BASTARDS… I will get better and then I am coming for you! Peacefully, but forcefully you SOB are gonna hear from me! I will not stop till you ALL ARE IN PRISON FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! And You Pedos at the top of this blood thirsty power hungry Earth murdering cabal, well I will be around to watch you SWING FROM ROPES IN THE TOWN SQUARES in which you reside! God has promised us Victory if his Warriors rise up & stand ready, I’ll be READY! You can count on that! Be blessed and join our #OpGASPUMP 2017 Citizen Awareness Campaign to STOP the Man made DESTRUCTION of our Sky’s! The chemicals they are SPRAYING ARE a big part of killing us off! These Evil Men that are behind what we see in the SKY must be STOPPED! These Evil men that will fall! I’m committed to make that a REALITY!
Much love, Thank You for all the continued Prayers. I Love You All!”
❤️ ~pam jones

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We are at WAR! It’s a silent battle to weaken us. We must come together as the human species and help one another or it is just a matter of time before we all fall like fly’s and the Evil NWO maintains control of planet earth and generations to come, if there are even humans allowed to survive in their post human trans-humanism robotic world. I ask that you reach out to the folks around you that are sick and offer them some love & support. We are our best hope for survival.

Thank you and Be Blessed ~pam jones

p.s A Special THANK YOU to Rachel, My daughters Nannie who helped me prepare my first batch of fermented cabbage, all so forgive any errors, I am really struggling to write this.

They ARE coming after Humanity!  Scientists Now Testing ‘Vaccine’ to ‘Inoculate’ People Against Climate Change Denial ~ George Orwell would even be amazed at this article here at this link:

Scientists Now Testing ‘Vaccine’ to ‘Inoculate’ People Against Climate Change Denial

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