What Is Happening To Our Sky? #OpGASPUMP

We See it with our own Eyes 👀 but we are ridiculed, mocked and condemned… We must rise above these attacks by those who FEAR our message. We must continue to find strength in our numbers, in our Community, in our quest to share the Truth regardless of the attacks. We are here because WE have been called upon to serve a different purpose then most, to serve a much higher power. We are here because WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! We are the voices for Mother Earth 🌏We are here to rescue and restore her and all that dwell upon her as one living inner connected living being. Today more then ever before in our history, We have been called upon to rescue humanity from the silent evil that has only one purpose…. death 💀& destruction of all that is sacred. LIFE! I feel this so deeply in my soul, do you? So today, Suzanne Maher & I humbly ask that you Join Us in our Summer Citizen Awareness Campaign #OpGASPUMP.
TOGETHER we are the Resistance!
Together we can & will change the course of humanity, but only if we come together. It’s like we are being tested to ‘remember’… tested to remember that ALL things are connected through Love and to Our Mother Earth and through her… EACH OTHER!
I – We love You All… ❤️
Be Blessed ~pj

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