Iowa Corn Growers Upset With Hy-Vee’s “Clean Honest Ingredient” List

By: Pam Jones | August 13, 2017

In a news piece released August 11, 2017, BY  of WQDA Channel 8, a local Iowa TV station, Local farmer Hans Schnekloth, a sixth-generation farmer in Eldridge, Iowa discussed how he felt slighted by consumers and the Hy-Vee Grocery chain for labeling food items in their stores as “Clean and Honest Ingredients”.  It identifies Hy-Vee brand products that do not contain artificial ingredients, synthetic chemicals, or high fructose corn syrup.

Hans Schnekloth, a sixth-generation farmer in Eldridge, Iowa 
 Hans Schnekloth, is frustrated by high fructose corn syrup’s inclusion on that list.  “People love sweets, right?  So, you might as well use a sweetener that’s provided by people working in your community. I guess that’s the frustration for me,” said Schnekloth.
What Mr.Schneloth doesn’t seem to understand is that we the American people regardless of what state we live in are against all the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) being silently forced upon us without our consent.
For years now, Americans have researched for themselves the potential dangers these GMO’s can do to us and we have stood up and fought back against this “Unclean’ food products and started demanding that all GMO foods be clearly labeled so that WE can choose what we want to put in our bodies and our families bodies.
With the EXPLOSION of diseases in the recent years, Americans are finally wising up to the hidden toxins that are now taking it’s toll in our society.  Clean Food, Air & Water have become a real issue to those of us trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
What appears to be happening here, is that Hy-Vee has put it’s customers first!  They are moving beyond the screams for forced labeling laws for GMO’s that Americans are demanding and just DOING IT because it makes good business sense.
Perhaps it’s time for Local farmer Hans Schnekloth of Iowa and ALL FARMERS to jump on board this transition to fully label “Clean and Honest Ingredients” in our food.  That’s what Americans want and deserve.  There’s no room for poison to be hidden in our food supply.  It’s one thing to use GMO corn for vehicle fuel, but it is NO LONGER OK to force Americans to eat it!
Hans Schnekloth, a sixth-generation farmer in Eldridge, Iowa 
My hat’s off to Hy-Vee for taking the initative to label its food and I encourage Hans & all farmers to just say “NO” to growing Genetically Modified Food.
HyVee excludes high fructose corn syrup products from its `clean honest` label
 “I think consumers are becoming more aware, really with the Internet and the ability to get information on demand. They’re demanding transparency. They want to know what’s in their products, so we’re trying to make that easy for them,” said Eric Long, Group Vice President, Private Brands at Hy-Vee.

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