The Hidden Enemy Within….. MSM

I’m NOT a trained news reporter, journalist or film maker, I don’t claim to be, I am simply an American mom and grandma that has a lot of QUESTIONS about the news coverage.  I’m going on 60 years old and have literally spent the last 30 years trying to figure out WHY, when I would watch the morning or evening news programs, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, they all were saying the EXACT SAME THING, like trained parrots!

How could 5 or 6 independent networks be reporting the exact same stories on the same day.  And not only that, but when I would pay close attention when flipping from channel to channel to avoid the commercials, I heard them literally repeating the EXACT same words.  How could that be I would ask myself?  Well the answer is astounding, behind the scenes I discovered they were all owned by the people.  One big conglomeration with a strangle hold of the flow of news information to the people. A dangerous MONOPOLY!

Then it set in, WHY would this happen?  How could we the people be receiving accurate information on the state of our country and the world if all the news was being controlled?  How could we make good decisions on the future of our country if what we were being told everyday was nothing more then a nightly news script that was pre-written and distributed to all the news outlets to be read by, not news anchors / reporters but not merely ‘talking parrots’ who apparently are going along with this charade in exchange for money and ego building local fame?

What the hell is going on and why would just a few want to CONTROL every piece of information that affects each and every one of us?  If you are paying attention these days its easy to see the answers, America is under attack. Our enemies have slowly and methodically invaded us, crept into every office, school, media organization & corporation that controls our country and while they have been busy doing this, it has been covered up by OUR MEDIA!

See the media ie: the undercover enemies have been distracting us for many years now, LYING to us, setting us up.  They have been reporting on the absolutely opposite of what is really happening.  They fill our heads with misinformation intentionally, it’s part of their battle plan to get us to silently and unknowingly go along with their evil plans. Sheep will always follow along with the leader of the pack even if they ‘unknowingly’ are headed straight off a cliff. This is what the media is doing and America is ‘unknowingly’ following right along heading straight for that cliff,  because the one form of information we so desperatley count on has been taken over to guide us to our deaths then they will keep the spoils.  This is our new reality and a very scary one indeed. The media has become an enemy of the people, a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Today, as I sit here scampering around to find the real news, the Truth I find myself empty and alienated. Wondering who I can trust, then it hit me.  The PEOPLE are the media.  We hear & see what is really happening. We are living it in every part of the country. the hate, the violence is everywhere and when you look closely you will see that the majority of this violence and hate is in predominately democratically ran communities & states like California where I am.  You want to see the effects of the medias lying propaganda on us for years, make a trip here to California, there’s no morals or family values here at all.  It’s a no holds barred, oh the poor little me mentality that now openly discourages and may outlaw words! Simple words like Mom & Dad.

My question is,  WHY if we know the enemy is controlling our media are we not taking action to remove them? Prosecute them?  Our youth will NEVER know they are being lead to the slaughter, It’s our responsibility to handle this situation and correct it. Seriously, If Hitler or Stalin were to move to America and run for president would we not STOP him? We wouldn’t if the media grab a hold of the story and proceeded to tell you on every channel at every news broadcast for weeks, months and years that it was Jesus and he is here to save you!  Remember it’s called TEL-E-VISION for a reason, They are TELLING YOU THEIR VISION and buffaloing you into following along like the sheep that they think you are.

Our youth are counting on us…..Break your trance, awaken to the truth,  We must admit it now and take action to fix it peacefully for the sake of OUR children!  It’s going to really piss you off but after the initial shock then we can tell the truth about this silent war, an attempted coup taking place against the American PEOPLE!

be blessed  ~pam jones





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