WARNING-NASA Launching Massive Balloons Filled w/ BACTERIA During ECLIPSE

Published on Aug 20, 2017 | Pam Jones

WARNING⚠️NASA is launching massive balloons that contain bacteria during the eclipse, they will b releasing them 2 fall 2earth 🌏 #MadSCIENCE
I wasn’t going to post this to my blog until facebook took my video down and banned me from uploading anymore videos for copy rights violations.  As of this post I have not heard back from facebook.  Is there something in the video they DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE OR KNOW?  There are many very weird things happened in the lastseveral days, are THEY HIDING SOMETHING?
You tell me!
Hold on folks, things appear to be getting BUMPY!
be blessed  ~pam jones

Look at this video below!  Is the earth flipping, tilting, is there a pool shift happening or is the eclipse affecting our oceans & weather?

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