By: Pam Jones | September 20, 2017

Sorry about calling everyone a dumbass, it really wasn’t my intention to insult you, however, I am just repeating what David Axe at the DailyBeast.com wrote as a headline on September 12, 2017.  David goes on to call those of us who know the truth about Weather Manipulation & Warfare “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Dumbasses”, I don’t know about you but when a so-called journalist calls everyone a dumbass that shows their complete lack of integrity and anything they write should be avoided at all costs.

Besides the fact that the government has been lying to us about their continued manipulation of our planets weather, the other story here is the continual lies coming out of the dinosaur left media.  They are no longer a reliable source of truth in news for We the People, they have become the ignorant lying propaganda mouthpieces of the deep state and their ongoing scientific experiments that are causing havoc on the planet.

A Special ‘HAT TIP’ to Jim Lee at Weathermodificationhistory.com for the awesome collection of newspaper articles show in this video!  The MSM occasionally reports on the weather manipulation that’s going on then turns around and denies it!  Can’t do a better job LYING to us then that!

That’s how this weather manipulation scheme has gotten to the point it’s at without the attention of the public.  The destructive experiments have been going on for years and has been continually covered up by these traitors hiding under the guise of journalism.  Anytime someone without a “PhD” speaks on the subject of weather manipulation ie: weather change they get condemned and ridiculed by the MSM and in some instances their reputation get destroyed or even worse they are suicided!   It’s this constant badgering from the left, socialist-communist, down right nasty left media that tries to beat the hell out of those of us who bring to light the true state of this weather manipulation situation.  These paid mouth pieces should immediately be viewed as nothing other than an enemy of WE THE PEOPLE!  So my special message for Mr.David Axe is…. let’s DEBATE DUMBASS!  You pick the time and place and lets put your knowledge base up against anyone one of the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ I know, live on every social media platform there is!

As for all the so called scientific educators, liars and manipulators that are hiding behind the scenes that are so proud of the three little letters, PHD behind your names…. Well, your nothing more than paid PLANET DESTROYERS!  See a PHD means very little to the common folks who are witnessing the DESTRUCTION via your out of control science experiments.  Your DESTROYING EARTH and hiding behind the propaganda filled MSM while our government files patents and passes laws to cover your asses! May I ask where you baboons plan on living – hiding after you DESTROY EVERYTHING?  In a Hole? A Bunker, a D.U.M.B?  Are you taking David Axe with you? Your PHD’s,  are just letters given to you by another PHD baboon who has the same nonsense behind their names issued by a PHD baboon before them.  Your like a self-made cult of planet destroyers, and I have little to NO respect for anything you have accomplished as all I see from your research and experiments is death and destruction! covered up by lying deceivers and money worshipers!

I know many good decent folks that have 10 – 20 years or more studying the very things you bozo’s study.  However I would venture to say the Activists I know are far more EDUCATED on the topic of weather control and modification.  They have more than likely read the same books you have but their views have NOT been tainted like yours. Their goal is to obtain real knowledge to be used for good!  They were not brainwashed by a professor that just regurgitated one side of the story. So if you’re expecting ‘respect’ just because you have a PHD behind your name you better WAKE UP!  Your old school brainwashing, memorize and repeat schemes just are not working anymore.  And because I feel some of the folks I know are so much further ahead in their knowledge base then you and they are NOT LIARS like you I will begin issuing them Graduate Degree PHD’s in the very near future!

See definition for obtaining a PHD here

Weather manipulation is happening and all these hurricanes are evidence that we are under attack and that weather warfare weapons are in full use.  What idiot scratched their head one day years ago and decided, “Let’s make weather weapons” to screw with mother nature?  That idiot should be hung!  No matter where you stand on weather weapons and climate change, it’s REAL and it’s happening NOW!  Just do the research and you will find articles on it going back to the 1940’s and you will find the patents!   Stop being fooled by the MSM, there is little to NO TRUTH coming from these dumbasses!

be blessed  ~pam

They say their NOT manipulating the weather yet we SEE it happening!! While they deny deny deny they are filing patents & passing laws! Thanks Jolie Diane for your stellar research shown in the video below! Visit her of Facebook or on her website ZEROGEOENGINEERING.COM

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