Mexican Mob Attacks Trump Supporters in San Jose

Pam Jones | June 3, 2016

They come for a better life they say but in return for their freedom and liberty they destroy our lives, freedoms and libertys.  Why is this happening you may ask?  Mark Dice sums it up.  If your not concerned about where our country is headed you are not paying attention.   Now they are starting to attack us, and our government wants to bring in MORE?  We are in trouble,  Many of us already believe we are at war on our own soil, compliments of our traitor politicans who have chosen the dark side of the elitists plan to collopase our entire country in to chaos and poverty just so we will accept their one world government, new world order.  I personally will not agree to their slavery plan.  So the question is “What do WE Do to Stop It?”  Wait for the UN?

Mark Dice Video:



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