By Pam Jones | August 26, 2017 CAN WE LEGALLY TAKEDOWN CNN?  Well, YES!  It Already has happened and the case was WON! On August 24th, Joni Turner with Joni Turner Law held another live periscope on her twitter to update the American People on the potential of an upcoming Civil Lawsuit against CNN for […]

Attorney Announces Lawsuit Against CNN On Behalf of the American People!

By Pam Jones | August 20, 2017 San Diego Attorney, Joni Turner made a huge announcement live on periscope via Twitter today, Sunday August 20, 2017.  She plans on filling a criminal & civil lawsuit against CNN on behalf of the American People that are being targeted as “Radical Terrorists” in their own country Joni Turner  @joniturnerlaw “I’m […]

The Hidden Enemy Within….. MSM

I’m NOT a trained news reporter, journalist or film maker, I don’t claim to be, I am simply an American mom and grandma that has a lot of QUESTIONS about the news coverage.  I’m going on 60 years old and have literally spent the last 30 years trying to figure out WHY, when I would […]