#Pizzagate | Satanic Pedophile Ritual Abuse Victim Speaks

Pizzagate is real. Hillary Clinton stirred the hornet’s nest by retweeting a joke about Comet Pizza this morning – none of us will ever be quiet, you sick ghoul. There are real victims, many of them, and they have a story to tell. Guest: https://twitter.com/becki_p20 Follow- https://gab.ai/d_seaman Support- https://paypal.me/DavidSeaman Backup- https://vid.me/davidseaman Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2d2SQpm 100% American-made […]

CIA Operative: “Trump Is Battling Pedophile Network”

Donald Trump is Our one chance to TAKE DOWN THE DEEP STATE? Pedophile is an elite thing. Saudi Arabia has children on menus in under ground restaurants? Are You an American that Supports this Deep State – Pedophile take down? I Am! Trump needs to SHUT NASA DOWN They have no legislative charter! ~pj ————————- […]

Flat Earth, PizzaGate, Antarctica & the Alien Reclamation Zone

Flat Earth “Theory,” Antarctica Alien Reclamation Zone: FAKE NEWS? Is the earth flat? Is Earth a large Quarry?  Are the world governments ran by demon possessed pedophiles? Why are so many high power leaders going to Antarctica? Was some kind of alien technology uncovered in Antarctica?  Will the elites use project blue beam and full […]

The Elites Are Cultural & Psychic Pedophile Vampires

The Elites Are Cultural & Psychic Pedophile Vampires! Police Move Against Pedophile Networks Nationwide As Trump Takes Off. The police have had enough with the disgusting elites that have been abusing children for years and they are now moving against them with inspiration from Donald Trump.  

PizzaGate Pedophile Cult – Joe Rogan & Alex Jones Break down The Secrets Of The Universe

PizzaGate Pedophile Cult – Joe Rogan & Alex Jones Break down The Secrets Of The Universe Elite Pedophiles are in charge of the Artificial Intelligence.  Satan is here.  We are fighting an inter-dimensional force!


As much as I hate to say it, I have speculated for years that this sick satanic behavior has been going on.  #PIZZAGATE Must be investigated and dealt with accordingly.  We, as a society can NOT and MUST NOT, ALLOW SUCH DEMONIC BEVHAVIOR!         We MUST Protect Our Children!  Please pray for […]